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Heya guys. I'm a level 75 BLM so I thought I'd offer some tips on BLM—what to sub, how to level, things like that!

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Equipment Guige 10-70

Starting Out
So you've decided you wanna be a Black Mage? It's easier than you think. If this is your first character, however, allow me to suggest something that might make your journey easier.
1) Start out as a White Mage. "But I don't want to heal! I want to nuke!" Yes, but you'll also need WHM as a subjob later. Plus, even subless WHM have an easy time finding parties in Dunes. This will allow you to get a feel for the game. Once you get WHM to 18 and get your subjob…
2)Change to Black Mage/White Mage. You can level to 37 at this point if you are so inclined. However, once you level BLM a bit you may want to go back and level WHM some more, or try another job.
3)Make sure you keep WHM sub levelled; level RDM sub as well for higher levels. Easy enough, right? As a high level BLM I can tell you with complete honesty that these are really the only two subjobs you absolutely must have.

Remember: A job at 18 can be subbed up to level 37 before it goes out of date. 37 can be subbed all the way to 75. The magic numbers are 18 -> 37 -> 75.

Levelling 1-10
BLM is generally considered to be one of the worst jobs to level from 1-10. This is due to the fact that BLM has low defense, your nukes will run you out of mana quickly, your melee just plain sucks, and you'll generally have a lot of downtime. There's some options for you…
1) Get the highest def gear you can, get signet, eat a cheap melee food like meat jerky, and wail on EP-DC mobs with a dagger. These monsters shouldn't generally provide enough hazard to knock you over. This will take a while, however.
2) Combine melee with spells. Keep in mind that enemies hitting you may interrupt your spells. A typical procedure for this is to cast Bind (obtained at level 7) and then cast nukes from afar, hoping that you can kill the monster before it reaches you. This is, of couse, riskier.

Of course, having WHM sub helps, since you'll be able to cure yourself. Yet another reason I suggest leveling it first.

Okay I'm level 10, what should I do? What should I wear and eat?!
Relax! It's quite simple. You're level 10, you're awesome, ready to go to the Dunes and tear up some lizards with Aero. Just the beginning of a great thing.
In the beginning, the single most important base stat for a BLM is INT. If you have to choose gear with raw stats, you want to favor them in this order:
INT > MP > MND,Everything Else
At least until a larger variety of additional stats become available.

I say MND separately since it can have some applications for white magic—particularly white magic enfeebles like Silence. But you will rarely if ever be called on to cast these instead of a WHM or RDM, so MND should not be a priority in any way.

INT increases the damage, duration, and accuracy of your black magic spells. This is pretty much every spell you cast—certainly every spell you obtain natively as a Black Mage. If you're not sure if a spell is Black or White, call up your magic menu (Ctrl+M on standard keyboard layouts) and check the small icon next to the spell. If it's got an ankh on it, it's a white magic spell. If it's got an eye, it's a black magic spell. (This icon will also tell you the element of the spell. White=Light, Black=Dark, Yellow=Earth, Green=Wind, Light Blue=Ice, Red=Fire, Dark Blue=Water, Purple=Thunder.)

MP is also important, of course. Black Mage spells are usually pricey. However, if it comes to a decision between INT and MP, I would suggest choosing INT in almost every situation. HOWEVER, it may be useful to keep around a set of 'MP' gear, in case (God forbid) you need to help heal or something. I carry a set of MP gear with me at all times for this reason.

There are a plethora of other stats out there as well. I'll try to list them and their explanations here. Most of these stats will only become available on gear later, but they are also important for Black Mages.
MP Regeneration While Healing: Modifications to this stat increase the amount of mana you regain per tic while you're resting on the ground. This does not affect refresh in any way, only mana you gain back when you are actively healing. In most cases gear of this type is put in a macro by itself, with another macro to change back into your standard gear. See BLM macros below.
Spell Interruption Rate: Modifications to this stat decrease the likelihood that a spell will be interrupted if you're hit by a monster while casting. Though it seems excellent on the surface, most of the time you want to avoid being hit at all, and this stat can take the place of other, more significant stat bonuses.
Elemental Magic: Bonuses to your Elemental Magic skill mean that for all intents and purposes you are casting as a higher level BLM than you actually are. The higher your Elemental Magic skill, the more powerful your Elemental Magic spells and the smaller the chance that they will be resisted.
Dark Magic: This bonus works like the Elemental Magic bonus above, except it affects Dark Magic instead.
Enfeebling Magic: Same as Elemental and Dark magic above, but for Enfeebling spells.
Magic Accuracy: This stat decreases the chance that your spells will be resisted. A resist is when your spell strikes for half damage or pitiful amounts of damage. The higher your magic accuracy, the smaller the chance that your spells will be resisted. This stat is usually not favored by Black Mages due to a lack on readily available gear, but it can be very useful. NOTE: Raw INT and additions to Elemental and Dark Magic Skill will increase your Magic Accuracy, but it requires greater amounts of these stats to equal a smaller amount of raw Magic Accuracy.
Magic Attack Bonus: The Holy Grail of stat buffs for high level Black Mages. Magic Attack Bonus translates directly into additional raw damage on spells and can be potent even in small amounts.
Enmity-: This stat will reduce the enmity, or hate, generated by your offensive abilities. Thus, it is a godsend when casting high-damage nukes.
A WARNING: There are two flavors of Enmity gear. Let's say a piece of gear has Enmity-4. This would reduce your Enmity by 4 points, which will reduce your amount of hate by a good amount. But let's say another piece of gear has Enmity+4. This would increase your enmity, making your spells generate more hate. YOU DO NOT WANT ENMITY+ GEAR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER! It is just a really really bad idea to wear anything with Enmity+ on it, so don't!

Therefore, you want to choose gear with INT over gear with MP, and gear with MP over gear with MND, and gear with MND over gear with other base stats, at least as a young BLM, or until gear with other favorable secondary statistics becomes available. What does this mean, early on?

Well, for one, you'll probably end up with different gear than your fellow mages. White Mages, Red Mages, and Summoners will probably be sporting doublets, robes, chain mail and hairpins. However, you're going to want things like tunics. Even if it doesn't allow you to equip headgear, if it has a higher INT bonus than you would get from a robe and headgear separately, you'll probably want to wear it anyway. A good example of this is the Royal Footman's Tunic.

You'll also want wands instead of staves, all the way up to level 51 when you can get a shiny set of Elemental Staves. Just find the wand with the highest INT and MND totals for your level and use that—if you can, camp Nunyenunc in West Sarutabaruta for a Pilgrim's Wand as well. This is a rare/ex wand with +2 MP Regen while Healing, which serves as a decent stand in until you can equip a Dark Staff at level 51.

Rings, accessories—it all points back to INT. Go for INT first, MP second, MND if those aren't available, other stats as a last resort.

See the BLM gear guide in the third post below for a guide on gear up to level 70.

Spells and You
So you want to spam spells on lizards until they fall over dead. You want to unleash screaming electrical death on every goblin in the Dunes. However…there is a critical thing to consider playing a BLM. That is restraint.

Your spells will build a lot of hate (or aggro, or enmity) very fast. They're powerful, they ignore armor, and if you correctly estimate and attack an enemy's elemental weakness, they'll be stronger still. This means that you need to watch your hate carefully. It's your job to work together with the tank, not the tank's job to helplessly spam Provoke and watch you die because you were too busy chaining spells to pay attention to your health.

Let the tank sink hate a little bit first. Then start out with weaker spells, or weaker versions of a spell a monster is weak to. Build up to your stronger ones. Save your strongest spells for when the monster's health is below half, or for finishing off a magic burst on a skillchain. Your tank, and your exp bar, will thank you.

Pace your spells as well. There's a reason you can't cast the same spell immediately after you've just cast it. Don't try and 'get around' this restriction by casting a different spell immediately after unless it's necessary or you think you can finish off the mob. Often these 'spell chains' or spell spam can wind up in someone else dying, that being you.

Following is a list of your different spells and what they do. Levels you obtain these spells will be in parentheses.

Dark Magic
Bio(10), Bio II(35) - Damage over Time, reduces an enemy's attack power. This will overwrite Dia! If a RDM is casting Dia on the enemy, don't cast Bio just to level up your Dark Magic skill. Dia reduces an enemy's defense and can make for faster kills and easier chains.
Drain(12) - Drains health from an enemy. Can be extremely potent at high levels. NOTE: This does NOT work on Undead, and will damage you instead if you try. So don't use it on Undead!
Aspir(25) - Attempts to drain mana from an enemy. Can be extremely potent at high levels. Not all enemies have mana - it's important to get a feel for which enemies have mana. All mage beastmen have a mana pool, as do some select monsters such as crabs and beetles. This doesn't work on Undead, either.
Stun(45) - One of the most important spells you'll come across in your career. An instant cast spell that stuns the enemywhich also interrupts abilities or spellcasts. You can use this to interrupt spells that might damage the party - such as -ga nukes or ancient magic - or abilities such as Goblin Bomb that do the same. You can interrupt a monster curing itself. There are many possibilities. Note that it has a fairly hefty recast timer so you can't exactly spam it, and since it's a lightning element spell, some monsters resist it badlyparticularly earth element monsters.

Enfeebling Magic
Poison(3), Poisonga(24), Poison II(43) - A damage over time enfeeble. Usually a RDM will be casting these spells. There is really no reason to ever cast Poisonga, ever.
Blind(4) - An enfeeble that blinds the enemy, reducing its chance to hit. Usually a RDM will be casting this spell.
Bind(7) - An enfeeble that locks the enemy in place. Note that they can still cast spells from afar or use ranged attacks or abilities if they are capable of doing so. This also has a stiff recast timer, but it can be used to kite monsters (see below) or buy some time running away. Also useful for soloing.
Sleep(20), Sleepga(31),Sleep II(41),Sleepga II(56) - These spells put a monster to sleep, removing it from combat if it does not resist the spell. Note that ANY damage will awaken slept monsters, including damage from damage over time spells such as Bio, Dia, Poison, and the Elemental Enfeebles. It's important to warn party members when you're sleeping something so that they don't accidentally break the spell. An important thing to remember, as well, is that while RDM have access to Sleep, Sleepga, and Sleep II and will often be the primary sleepers in party situations, Black Mage is the only job that obtains Sleepga II. Elemental Seal+Sleepga II is a potent way to take many enemies out of the fight for a period of time, so Sleepga II is an important spell to have. It may be expensive, due to the quest to obtain it being complicated and hard to complete (I didn't complete this quest). Be sure and get this spell as soon as possible.

Enhancing and Utility Magic
Blaze Spikes(10), Ice Spikes(20), Shock Spikes(30) - These spells provide a damage effect when monsters strike you physically. Blaze Spikes is just straight fire damage. Ice Spikes is ice damage plus a strong paralyze effect, and Shock Spikes is lightning damage plus a chance to stun. These can be useful when soloing, particularly the latter two, though in most parties if you are avoiding aggro properly you won't have much reason to cast them.
Warp(17), Warp II(40) - Warp returns you to your homepoint. Useful, especially when teleporting others as a White Mage. Warp II, also referred to as D2 due to the Japanese name (Dezone II), has the capability of warping other people in your party. This is very useful after parties to return other party members to their home points without them expending a warp scroll/warp cudgel charge, and it's considered polite to offer to D2 the party. You can also sell D2 sometimes, or see people shouting for a D2. However, the demand isn't as great for a D2 as it is for a teleport in many cases (though in some cases, like Yhoator Jungle, you can make a killing if it's busy enough!)
Tractor(25) - Though not usable in all areas (most notably not inside BCNM areas) Tractor pulls a dead person towards you. They do have to accept the Tractor, so be sure to prompt party members on this if they do not appear at your feet shortly. Tractor can be used to pull dead party members to a safer area in order to Raise them.
Escape(29) - Escape is only usable inside dungeons or dungeon-type areas. It teleports all party members within the area of effect to a pre-set point in the zone outside the dungeon. This is extremely effective as a party saving tool. See BLM macros before, and be sure to Escape if things look bad—usually a run back into the dungeon isn't as bad as everyone dying.

Elemental Magic
The Elemental Enfeebles
Shock(16), Rasp(18), Choke(20), Frost(22), Burn(24), Drown(27)
These are enfeebles that provide damage over time and lower an enemy's stats. However, due to their particular nature, some explanation is required.
Each of the spells lowers one of the main six stats, not including Charisma. Thus, they can be split up for particular use. However, they can also be stackedbut also in sets of three. And not just any three. The three must be entirely unrelated on the elemental wheelin other words, if you write down the elements of the elemental wheel and connect them with arrows like so:
Fire > Ice
^ V
Water Wind
^ V
Thunder < Earth
You couldn't have Choke (Wind Enfeeble) on at the same time as Rasp (Earth Enfeeble) since they are next to each other on the chart. You can only have three that are at least a step away from each other. That means these are broken up into two sets: Shock, Choke, and Burn; or Rasp, Frost, and Drown.
Shock lowers MND, which in turn lowers the effectiveness of offensive white magic spells cast against you and the monster's magic defense.
Rasp lowers DEX, which in turn lowers the monster's physical accuracy.
Choke lowers VIT, which in turn lowers the monster's physical defense.
Frost lowers AGI, which in turn lowers the monster's evasion against physical attacks.
Burn lowers INT, which in turn lowers the effectiveness of offensive black magic spells cast against you.
Drown lowers STR, which in turn lowers the power of the monster's physical attacks.

To decide which set to cast, get a feel for the enemies you are fighting. Are they especially evasive, or are their physical attacks particularly damaging? If this is the case, Rasp, Frost and Drown are probably your best bet.
Are the melee fighters hitting the monster okay? Would lowering the monster's defenses or its magical potency make for quicker, easier chains? If this is the case, Shock, Choke, and Burn are probably your best bet.

Elemental Nukes
These form the bulk of your damage as a Black Mage and will be what you use from Level 10 to level 75. There are two overarching types of Elemental Nukes.
Single Target Nukes simply have the name of the spell followed by a number indicating the rank of the spell (excluding the lowest ranks). These nukes affect one target only.
Examples: Stone, Stone II, Stone III, Stone IV
Area of Effect Nukes have a suffix of -ga followed by a number indicating the rank of the spell. These spells will target all monsters within a radius around the target. Be careful when casting these spells so as not to attract unwanted attention.
Examples: Stonega, Stonega II, Stonega III

These categories can be broken up further. (Levels obtained are in parentheses.)
Single Target Nukes
Standard Nukes
Stone(1), Stone II(26), Stone III(51), Stone IV(68) - Earth magic attack. Effective against lightning element enemies, not as effective against earth or wind element enemies.
Water(5), Water II(30), Water III(55), Water IV(70) - Water magic attack. Effective against fire element enemies, not as effective against water or lightning element enemies.
Aero(9), Aero II(34), Aero III(59), Aero IV(72) - Wind magic attack. Effective against earth element enemies, not as effective against wind or ice element enemies.
Fire(13), Fire II(38), Fire III(62), Fire IV(73) - Fire magic attack. Effective against ice element enemies, not as effective against fire or water element enemies.
Blizzard(17), Blizzard II(42), Blizzard III(64), Blizzard IV(74) - Ice magic attack. Effective against wind element enemies, not as effective against ice or fire element enemies.
Thunder(21), Thunder II(46), Thunder III(66), Thunder IV(75) - Lightning magic attack. Effective against water element enemies, not as effective against lightning or earth element enemies.
Single target nukes will be your bread and butter in most situations. Compared to Ancient Magic and -ga nukes, these will be cheaper while still remaining powerful. In typical party setups, excluding manaburns, you will want to use primarily single target nukes.
Ancient Magic
Freeze(50), Tornado(52), Quake(54), Burst(56), Flood(58), Flare(60)
Ancient Magic spells are extremely powerful and extremely likely to get you killed if used improperly. These spells take a very long time to cast - just short of 20 seconds with no fast cast modification. Thus, in order to use them for magic bursts (possibly their best application outside of mana burn parties) a special macro should be used for best results. See Black Mage macros.
There is also an additional effect of Ancient Magic. Each spell will lower the monster's resistance to the magic school that is strong against the school of the spell you just cast. For example, Freeze (an ice spell) will lower a monster's resistance to fire magic (which is strong against ice magic).
Ancient Magic II
Freeze II(75,Merit), Tornado II(75,Merit), Quake II(75,Merit), Burst II(75, Merit), Flood II(75, Merit), Flare II(75, Merit)
These spells are only available through merit points obtained at level 75. They have a much shorter cast time than the previous Ancient Magic spells and a smaller MP cost than most Tier 3 -ga nukes. This makes them very useful in endgame content due to their high power. A typical strategy is to specialize in one or two of the AM2 spells —usually Burst II and Freeze II due to the fact that most Black Mages choose to put points in merits that raise their thunder and ice magic potency. This will give you a strong finisher for Light and Dark skillchains both.
Like the previous AM spells, these also have the effect of reducing an enemy's resistance against the school of magic strong against the school of the spell you cast. Burst II will reduce an enemy's resistance to earth spells, for example.

Area of Effect Nukes
Stonega(15), Stonega II(40), Stonega III(63) - See notes on Stone spells above.
Waterga(19), Waterga II(44), Waterga III(65) - See notes on Water spells above.
Aeroga(23), Aeroga II(48), Aeroga III(67) - See notes on Aero spells above.
Firaga(28), Firaga II(53), Firaga III(69) - See notes on Fire spells above.
Blizzaga(32), Blizzaga II(57), Blizzaga III(71) - See notes on Blizzard spells above.
Thundaga(36), Thundaga II(61), Thundaga III(73) - See notes on Thunder spells above.
Generally speaking, -ga nukes are stronger than single target nukes, even versus a single target. However, the mana cost is much higher for these spells. Thus, -ga nukes are generally reserved for when a monster is at low health or when a large burst of damage is needed, such as on magic bursts (if not using Ancient Magic).
Be extremely careful when casting -ga nukes. They can quickly get you into trouble if there are other enemies around your target. If you think another monster just might be too close, don't take the risk of using a -ga spell.

Spells Obtained from Subjobs
An important consideration of your job is spells you obtain from your subjob. These spells will add to your utility and should not be ignored.

The level indication on these spells is denoted by BLM##/WHM##. The first value is the level your BLM will be at when you obtain the spell from your sub. The second value is the level your sub will be at, which is the level at which that job obtains the spell.
White Mage Subjob
Healing Spells
Cure(BLM1/WHM1), Cure II(BLM22/WHM11), Curaga(BLM32/WHM16), Cure III(BLM42/WHM21),Curaga II(BLM62/WHM31) - These spells will restore hit points, and can be cast on yourself or on others. Single-target spells can be cast on anyone, but Curaga spells can only be cast on party members. Each spell will heal more effectively than the previous one. Curaga and Curaga II will heal all party members in a radius around the target. Be careful dropping these spells as curing so much damage on so many party members can draw aggro very fast.
Regen(BLM42/WHM21) - Heal over time. Restores 5hp/tick to your target (can be used on yourself as well). A very mana-efficient heal, though not suitable for people taking a whole lot of damage. Good for topping of people who aren't getting hit a lot, but are taking HP damage.
Poisona(BLM12/WHM6) - Cures Poison.
Paralyna(BLM18/WHM9) - Cures Paralysis.
Blindna(BLM28/WHM14) - Cures Blind.
Silena(BLM38/WHM19) - Cures Silence. (Cannot be cast if you are silenced!)
Cursna(BLM58/WHM29) - Removes Curse.
Erase(BLM64/WHM32) - Removes one of a variety of undesirable effects such as Bio, Dia, Slow, Flash, etc. If one of the other status cures won't remove an effect, try Erase.
Viruna(BLM68/WHM34) - Removes Virus.
Raise(BLM50/WHM25) - Restores a target to life. Note that it isn't quite as nice on the exp points as Raise 2 or Raise 3, which are WHM-only spells, but at higher levels, most people will take what they can get if the others aren't available. This can be quite handy if the WHM dies, or if the only raisers in the party also only have access to Raise 1 (such as RDM or SMN healers when multiple people die).
Protective Spells
Protect(BLM14/WHM7), Protectra(BLM14/WHM7), Shell(BLM34/WHM17), Shellra (BLM34/WHM17), Protect II(BLM54/WHM27), Protectra II(BLM54/WHM27), Shell II (BLM74/WHM37), Shellra II(BLM74/WHM37) - These spells provide damage resistance (Protect) and magic damage resistance (Shell). -ra versions buff all party members in range. Usually a WHM, RDM, or even PLD will be able to provide higher level versions of these buffs, but if those classes aren't available, these can be handy.
Barstonra(BLM10/WHM5), Barwatera(BLM18/WHM9), Baraera(BLM26/WHM13), Barfira(BLM34/WHM17), Barblizzara(BLM42/WHM21), Barthundra(BLM50/WHM25) - These spells protect against the effects of magical spells or attacks which have an element matching that of the spell cast. Thus, Barfira will protect against fire spells and abilities, such as Gobbie Bomb.
Barsleepra(BLM14/WHM7), Barpoisonra(BLM20/WHM10), Barparalyzra(BLM24/WHM12), Barblindra (BLM36/WHM18), Barsilencera(BLM46/WHM23) - These spells provide 'resistance' against the status debuff mentioned in their name. However, they aren't nearly as useful as they seem they might be. Instead of increasing your chance to resist they simply reduce the duration of the effect, and even then not by much. This largely makes these spells a waste of mana in most situations.
Buff/Utility Spells
Aquaveil(BLM20/WHM10) - This decreases your chance for spells to be interrupted if you are struck while casting. Useful in solo applications, not so much in party.
Deodorize(BLM30/WHM15), Sneak(BLM40/WHM20), Invisible(BLM50/WHM25) - These are 'stealth' spells. Deodorize is by far the least useful of the threeit cloaks your scent, so that monsters by track by scent can't keep your trail. However, though it sounds good, it falls flat in practice, especially since having those monsters aggro in the first place is often a death threat. Sneak and Invisible can be cast on others as well as yourselfSneak makes you soundless, so sound aggro monsters (barring true sound aggro monsters) won't be able to hear you and won't aggro. Invisible makes you invisible, so sight aggro monsters won't be able to see you and aggro. Note that Invisible also makes you invisible to other players, but they can still target you, so if you're leading someone somewhere and you're both invisible, tell them to target you and follow the cursor.
Blink(BLM38/WHM19) - Blink provides you with a pseudo-Utsusemi effect. It gives you three shadows, much like Utsusemi:Ichi, however these shadows don't have a priority modifier when you're hit. In other words, there's only a chance that a monster's attack will take a shadow instead of directly dealing damage. That said, the chance they will hit a shadow is very high, so this spell is an invaluable lifesaver in many situationsparticularly coupled with…
Stoneskin(BLM56/WHM28) - Stoneskin provides you with 'free hitpoints' so to speak. It gives you a damage shield from which damage will be subtracted before it's subtracted from your hitpoints. Against stronger monsters, this might last a hit or two
or less than a hit. Against weaker monsters, you might never take damage as long as you're diligent about keeping Stoneskin up. Combined with Blink, this can greatly enhance your survivability. Also note that monster attacks vs you when you have Stoneskin up will not interrupt spells as long as they don't break Stoneskin, and you can rest with DoT spells active until they break through Stoneskin and do damage as well. This makes for a handy 'ghetto erase' effect if you're Dia'd or Bio'd and don't have access to the Erase spell.
Reraise(BLM66/WHM33) - One of the single most compelling reasons to sub WHM, particularly in the endgame if you're low on gil. Reraise lasts an hour and grants you the effect of Raise if you're KO'd. This is great when soloing or if you're the only person in a party that can Raise, or something like that.
Teleport-Holla(BLM72/WHM36), Teleport-Dem(BLM72/WHM36), Teleport-Mea(BLM72/WHM36) - At level 72 you can use the three 'main' teleports available to white mages. This makes getting around a little easier in some cases (like for popping back over to the main nations if you're in Aht Urhgan, if you need to get to sky or Limbus, etc.) You can also do limited tele-taxiing, but note not to advertise all your teleports since you won't be able to do Yhoat, Altep, or Vahzl and people will expect those.
Debuffs and Nukes
Dia(BLM6/WHM3), Diaga(BLM36/WHM18), Dia II(BLM72/WHM36) - Damage over Time plus defense down. Diaga is area of effect, don't use it. Usually a RDM will take care of this.
Slow(BLM26/WHM13) - Slows an enemy, increasing the amount of time between their attacks. Note that this does not affect their movement speed.
Silence(BLM30/WHM15) - Silences an enemy, preventing them from casting spells.
Banish(BLM10/WHM5), Banishga(BLM30/WHM15), Banish II(BLM60/WHM30) - Light element nukes based on Divine magic skill. Never, ever use these. There is no reason to. Your divine magic skill will be half-level at best, plus you have more powerful finishers for every skillchain except Transfixion, which nobody ever does. (Fire for Fusion, Thunder for Light.) Just don't do it.

RDM Spells coming soon!

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