Duhkha's Profile

Duhkha - A Mithra from Windhurst


Red Mage - 50
Black Mage - 23
White Mage - 24
Ninja - 10
Ranger - 10
Theif - 5
All others - 0


Goldsmith - 51
Cooking - 61
Clothcraft - 4


Gardening - I'm big into this…need info just ask

I am currently learning to Log and Harvest


Name Current Location Craft if applicable
Harvey Jeuno none
Fallingsnow San'doria none
Caprica Bastock none
Aeryn Windhurst Clothcraft 10
Xalaxsun Bastock none
Enyanka San'doria Woodworking 22
Bender Windhurst none
Deadguy Jeuno none

RL Name: Pao
RL Job: Computer Tech
RL Location: Maine
RL Hoobies: Gardening, Fish Tanks, Magic The Gathering (though i haven't played much since ffxi:D)
RL Music: Anything (though I dont like much country:p)
RL Favorite Place: Find me in Amsterdam :D @.@

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