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bubblymintsbubblymints 15 Mar 2008 03:36
in discussion General Discussion / Funnies » CATS!

Win. +1 for X.

Re: CATS! by bubblymintsbubblymints, 15 Mar 2008 03:36
CATS! by XashimaXashima, 13 Mar 2008 22:55
The AWESOME HAHA baby! by XashimaXashima, 13 Mar 2008 12:30

Yea FFXI is hard but OHHHH so worth it! This Clip I found on Youtube helps get you back in the mood!

<prays the link works> lol

also, the song at the end of Chains of Promathia (spell check) lol, very pretty song (again i hope the link works >.>) lol :)

Dont get discouraged! by XashimaXashima, 13 Mar 2008 12:27 go to world of warcraft image gallery and type in ericha or mizuk! may this work better if not i shall bleach my hair blond >_> lol ill keep those links up, maybe they will work later? i dont know T__T;


Just me Xashima aka ericha =) by XashimaXashima, 12 Mar 2008 22:43

lol i'm on this thingy now lol

Re: Great job Duhkha by BemusedcondorBemusedcondor, 10 Mar 2008 03:22

still interested? thurs works good for me atm. Only 18war and 12ish mnk currently but moving up a few a day.

Re: Static Party? by bubblymintsbubblymints, 06 Mar 2008 03:27

Let's see, I have pld, war, thf, blm, whm, mnk, and…I think that's it.

Re: MONDAY NIGHTGARRISON by PhyreflyPhyrefly, 19 Feb 2008 18:26


54 Rdm
27 BLM
26 Whm
22 THF
17 NIN
10 RNG

Gear is not an issue… I may have gear to loan on these jobs as well.

Re: MONDAY NIGHTGARRISON by DuhkhaDuhkha, 12 Feb 2008 04:07

Monday, Feb 18th, 2008 7pm est

West Sarutabaruta Garrison


Level 20 Cap

War, RNG and THF particularly welcome… bring you're provoke

We currentlyhave one party active, but would like to have two… please post your char name and level 10 and higher jobs. Please note if gear is a problem for anything over 20

Re: MONDAY NIGHTGARRISON by DuhkhaDuhkha, 12 Feb 2008 04:06

Event: Garrison

Place: Determined at the garrison the week before… posted here

Rewards vary: THe knot Holder gets first choice of drop. Each person participating must have at least one drop before a player can have a second drop.

Time: 7pm Eastern Standard Time, unless otherwise noted

Contacts: Duhkha and Klutz

MONDAY NIGHTGARRISON by DuhkhaDuhkha, 12 Feb 2008 04:02

I just hope people are paying enough attention to notice this

Re: Static Party? by DuhkhaDuhkha, 20 Dec 2007 20:19

I would be in January, when I'll actually have evenings free. Yay me! :) I'll wait to post my jobs since everyone else's might change by then.

Re: Static Party? by PhyreflyPhyrefly, 20 Dec 2007 06:18
Static Party?
DuhkhaDuhkha 18 Dec 2007 14:53
in discussion General Discussion / General » Static Party?

Anyone interested in a static Party maybe on thursday evening 5-8 ish. Feel free to suggest other times.

Rdm 51 200tnl
Whm 24
BLM 27
Rng 10
Nin 10

Please post jobs with levels high enough to party

Static Party? by DuhkhaDuhkha, 18 Dec 2007 14:53

Glad to see people signing up. notice that anyone can edit, make changes, and update just about everything on the site. Feel free to contribute to guides, forums and the like. Have fun!

Re: Great job Duhkha by DuhkhaDuhkha, 29 Nov 2007 17:21

It is great!!! thanx…already usin it

Re: Great job Duhkha by KenpoKenpo, 28 Nov 2007 02:43

YEp, it's up and running, now i hope people use it

Re: Great job Duhkha by DuhkhaDuhkha, 09 Nov 2007 20:39

Great job on the site. Very nice. :)

Great job Duhkha by PhyreflyPhyrefly, 09 Nov 2007 18:19

Feeding your Plants:

Tree Saplings will ask for a crystal twice. You will have three days to feed the plant. Once again, it is best to try and feed on the full and new moon respectively. However the moon is not extremely critical in this case. The most important thing, is to feed the first Ice Crystal on Iceday and the second Ice Crystal on Iceday.

OK, I practice a different method here and I think it makes a big differance. One core concept in gardening is fertilization. Heavy fertilization leads to Organic results. Over Fertilization leads to Worms and Rock Salt. Under Fertilization leads to NQ Inorganic results. However, a happy balance between under fetilization and over can find the sweet spot for growing ore. To help in this goal, I feed the first crystal on Iceday, and the second on Firesday. I believe this is the correct method.

Feeding your plants by DuhkhaDuhkha, 01 Nov 2007 14:12

Here are some links that future Samurai definately need to take a look at. If you know absolutely nothing about the job, you will after reading even one of these pages. It won't make you an expert overnight, but it certainly points you in the right direction. Also, if you'd like my personal experiances and a very opinionated guide, check out my Blog on this site. Enjoy!

Ultimate Samurai Guide
Samurai 101
Samurai EQ Guide

Bushido's Post from old forum by DuhkhaDuhkha, 01 Nov 2007 14:04
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