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Welcome to gardening. In this guide, we will layout aspects of gardening. As an example, we will use Ice Ore. The benfits of this will become clear during the course of the guide. You can apply these concepts to any other gardening recipies.

The Set Up

You will need a few things before buying your first seeds. Furnishings are the key to any successful garden. Here is your shopping list for each character you choose to garden with.

15 Maple Tables: You could buy these at auction. However, in our LS, we have several crafters capable of making them for you. You should expect to pay 500 gil per table.

~ Duhkha and Vegetaspride can both make these, just ask

10 Porceline Pots: For Ice Ore, and other Ore recipies, the Porceline pot seems to yield better results. Pikko’s Pots website offers other recipies and information about which Pot you may choose.

This combination will give you the Gardening Mog Enhancement and Overwhelming Earth Energy

Choosing your Seed

For Ice Ore, The best approach is to grow the correct seed for the Ore from another seed. You will have to aquire Tree Cuttings by farming Gobbues, or buy them from the AH. You will learn The method to growing these seeds into Tree Saplings over the course of this guide. If you intend to grow a different crop, then you should refer to Pikko’s Pots to learn what seed will be needed.

Starting Your Cuttings

You will need to pick the right time. Later, we will discuss how to make this choice. However for the purpose of this section, we will explain when to plant Tree Cuttings.

Moon: Choose a New Moon Ideally. However, Full is an Ok alternative if Time is a major concern.

Day: Tree Cuttings should be planted on Darksday or Windsday

Time from planting to harvest: 15-16 days

Checking Your Plants

NOTE: as of 9.1.08 you will want to check plants as soon as possible before and after any update. It has been confirmed that updates can kill your plants even if you checked the day before.

First, it is generally good to check your plants once, or twice a day. However, the furnishings allow you to wait longer periods of time. You can wait as much as 72 hours between checks when necessary. Ideally you wanna check on the second day.

For Cuttings, Check on Windsday preferably, or darksday.

Feeding your Plants

Some Seeds will ask to be fed once, and others will ask to be fed twice. Your Moogle will present the feed command inside the Gardening menu.

Do Not Feed Your Tree Cuttings either time the Moogle asks. Even though your Moogle will say they look bad, you only need to check them to save them.

Harvest Day - Windsday Preferably, or Darksday

You will come into your Mog House one day to find your plants Glowing. With Cuttings, this will take about 15-16 days in real life. Your Furnishings are granting you three days from the time when the plant starts glowing to take the harvest before they die off. Assuming you have been checking your plant each day or second day, you should wait for the end of the second day after the plants first starts glowing to have your Moogle harvest. You will harvest 8-12 saplings and a few Shell Bugs. (lies, lots and lots of shell bugs, thanks to SE and the 2006 update ><)

Note: Be sure to have a fair amount of space in your Mog Safe. You do not want the Moogle to be unable to harvest because you lack the proper inventory room. If he can not harvest, your results may get worse.

Growing the Ore

Well, you just harvested the necessary seed, Tree Saplings. These sell at nearly three times the cost of cuttings themselves, but you want more than that from these.

Starting Your Saplings

You want to try for a New Moon once again, but a Full Moon is ok too. You can use the craft timer to find out when the next New or Full moon is coming and make sure that Iceday is part of the cycle. Like Pikko’s Pots, you can find it in the useful links sticky in this forum.

Moon: full or new moon

Day: Ice Day

Time from planting to harvest: 21-23 days

Checking Your Plants

This is a little harder than when we were covering cuttings. For Ice Ore, you want to try and check about 80% of the time on Iceday. The other 20% of the time is focused on Firesday.

Feeding your Plants:

Tree Saplings will ask for a crystal twice. You will have three days to feed the plant. Once again, it is best to try and feed on the full and new moon respectively. However the moon is not extremely critical in this case. The most important thing, is to feed the first Ice Crystal on Iceday and the second Ice Crystal on Iceday.

Harvest Day

Ok, you have waited a long time, so be patient. You want to be sure you are at least 36 hours into the three day harvest period before taking the crop. Once again, space is critical . The Platinum Leaves and Clusters will fill an absurd amount of slots in your Mog Safe.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOSE ORE BECAUSE YOU LACK INVENTORY SPACE! So be careful not to allow the Moogle message of "I cant harvest right now, kupo!" and the -Sort Your Inventory- comment.

How do I sell this stuff?

FIRST: Take the leaves to the vendor in Jueno. M&P Market is located in Lower Jeuno. But usually any vendor will do despite fame issues. Ideally the max fame in Jueno will get u slightly more from a vendor. I have seen inconsistencies in this to the point that i sell only in Jueno.


Put your Ore up for only a few gil under the average selling price. If it sells average at 150k, then we’d suggest 148,511. You can always ask me Phyrefly or Duhkha what they are selling at. That way, we can work together rather than destroy the market.

Clusters, do what ya feel is best ;-) Make a crystal mule, your crafting will thank u later.

Now, we will post follow ups on theory concerning elemental energy and other topics later in this forum.
Good luck

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HEY! There is new piece of information for ya!

Pot: Porceline

Feed 1 = nothing
Feed 2 = Element of desired ore

Harvest on day of the ore

results Elemental clusters, Elememental Ore, Gold LEaves, and Reishi Shrooms… NO MORE CInnemon!

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