Linkshell Rules

Generally speaking, there are very few rules concerning The ShoalinBrotherhood. However, there are definately some must know facts. First, we are an ADULT LINKSHELL! That means if you are offended by adult language, topics, or humor… we are not the linkshell for you. However, if you are looking for an LS that is open minded, free thinking, and can handle a dirty joke, then you have made a good choice.

That being said, we have some rules to follow and violation can get your shell broken on a first offense IF LS leaders so choose.

1. Breaking someone's pearl without consensus of leadership. We sack a lot of our members to allow their friends to join easily. DO NOT ABUSE YOUR SACK!

2. Targeting an individual member with hateful remarks, spam or other unwanted solicitations. This is not so much a single act, but rather a constant harrasment issue.

3. RMT. We find out you're buy/selling gil and you are out. No questions.

4. Cheating. While we can be more flexible on this than RMT, it is not condoned and may result in a broken pearl. Windower is not cheating under LS rules.

5. LS leadership reserves the right to remove members who do not fit into the community. We try to keep a casual and friendly enviroment we can all enjoy.

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