Rdm1 10

Walkthrough Level 1- 10: Solo

What you should have:

Spells for levels 1 - 10

2 stacks of Meat Mithkabobs - Find them on the AH under Food>Meals>Meat and Eggs

5 Stacks of Selbina Milk - You can usually buy these from a regional merchant for 69 Gil each.

Bin Stejihna (Windurst Woods) Regional Merchant
Chomo Jinjahl (Windurst Waters) Guild Merchant
Dohdjuma (Selbina) Standard Merchant
Kopopo (Windurst Waters) Regional Merchant
Phamelise (San d'Oria South) Regional Merchant
Rosswald (Bastok Port) Regional Merchant

Talk to the Guard by the exit gate you choose. He will have two letters initialized after his name. In windy, it is W.W. Have him cast Signet on you. Until you get to Aht Urghan, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE SIGNET ON!!!!! Also, talk to him again, and take a supplies quest to the area you are about to enter. You can deliver the supplies to the outpost (OP) in your local region. once you hit level ten, you can warp back and forth to town from the outpost. This is called Outpost warping, and it is END GAME TRAVEL! You should also have Valkurm Dunes Supplies once you hit ten and go there for a party.

You should be able to get all the spells for about 1-2k.
The Selbina Milks cost 4140 gil total.
The Mithkabobs will cost 6k.

The total cost is about 12-13k gil.

If you have any questions about making gil, please refer to our gil making guide.

If you can afford a Wax Sword +1 then that too is a good idea. You will need to level your Sword skill as your primary weapon at first. You will switch to Wands (club) once you start Party play at level 10. It runs about 5k on our server ATM. DO NOT BUY THE WAX SWORD UNLESS IT IS A +1. your buying the accuracy.

Otherwise, you can get by with starter gear until level 7.

At level 7, it is a good idea to get your Justice Badge from Windy and get leather Armor 700 gil from Vendor. The badge should be free if you do the easy quest and the armor should not be to expensive.

Get on with the leveling!

Go outside into your home towns beginner area. Pick on the first monster you see.

First, Go to the item menu and use a mithkabob. Then once you are near a mob, use a selbina milk
Next, attack the monster, then cast Dia on it. It will run up to you and begin attacking. Just swing with your sword. The milk should keep you at full health. THis method should work well for five levels. Keep in mind, Dia is not necessary. It is just easy to get the mob to come to you (pull the mob) that way. if you run out of mp, dont bother resting, just make sure the regen effect of your milk stays up and keep fighting.

Focus on Even Match (EM) Mobs, or even Seems Tough (T) until you get to Level 7

Once you hit level 5, you may need to rest mp. Keeping Dia up and a cure here or there can help a lot.

At level 7, You'll want to equip your Badge and Leather Armor.

You should check the "region" menu and conquest to find out if you have 1k guild points yet. IF so, you should talk with the gate guard again and purchase an emperess band from him with Conquest points. Equip it and use it from you items menu. It will make killing DCS like killing EMS!

At this point, you should not fight anything higher than an Even Match (i'd even stick to DC) UNLESS the mob is a Black Mage or a White Mage job. You can kill Mages that are (t) pretty easy if you have antidotes (bought from OP Guard)

Also, Mobs that are Monks will probably kill you if they are more than a Decent Challenge (DC). The best way to know, is to check the mob by name on ffxicyclopedia.

From here on, use cure, water and stone respectively to give you the edge in hit points. It is also key to continue maintaining your regen with Milk. You might also buy a pineapple juice or two for MP regen. Dont under estimate the damage that Dia and Poison can do. Use them liberally.

OK, now for the real fun to start… yeah, since when did anyone find Dunes fun?

Your first Party Preperation is at hand!

Here are a few gear suggestions.

Saintly Ring, or Saintly Ring +1 (a total of two in any combination is great)
Mist Silk Cape (Dropped by Spiny Spipi near windy)
Bounding Boots are great but not absolutly necessary.

If you got the level 7 gear, you should be ok anyway.

What to bring for food?

Ginger Cookies
Sweet Rice Cakes for the more wealthy

These help MP regen while resting…the rice cakes help MND as well.

I also recomend taking a couple MP regen drinks such as Pineapple or Melon Juice if you can bare the cost. They can be the difference between a full party wipe and edging out a victory.

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