So You Want To Make Gil

A Newbies Guide To Gil and Gil Making In FFXI

I hear it all the time. "LOL, I needz Gilz {Can I Have It Please}!" Then, like lemmings to the slaughter, "Newb, go farm your own money!" comes banttering one by one across the screen, chat room, message board, or what ever. Well, that's not a lot of help to a level five War, a level 7 Red Mage, or even a level 15 Thief. You spend 500-1000 gil just to get to that level 15 Dunes pt that disbands just a few moments later. You drop 1200 on a pair of Gaiters that are gimp after one good party. How does a guy with no sub job keep up? For that matter, how does a non-endgame player make his or her way? Well, it isn't impossible, but it does take research and time to learn.

Section 1: Knowledge Base

So, you've heard the, "Go farm…" and don't know what to do. You want to exploit that gardening thing, but are not sure of the basics. What the heck is Harvesting and Mining? Isn't there an easy way to build up the funds to actually exploit these game features? Well, that is what Knowledge base is about.

Part One: The Conquest Campaign and Regional Vendors!

"Ultimately, time is our only real resource." - Duhkha on Gil and FFXI

The Conquest Campaign takes place over the course of a Earth Week. Conquest is "tallied" each Sunday and determines which "regions" are controled by which Starting City. While Cities almost always hold their adjacent Region (ie Windhurst almost always holds Sarutabaruta) the other regions vary from one city to another and are even under beastman control. So why does this matter? Well, each region has a corrosponding Vendor in each city. These Vendors sell goods from that region.

In Some cases, you can buy these goods from the vendor and sell them at a small profit!!!

Sure, 500 gil profit a stack doesn't matter to the level 75 Thief with TH +4 Gear… but seven sales a day can pay for Slime Oils and Prism Powders… not to mention food to help out in your time of need!

You could go farm a couple thousand Gil in Bee Chips or what ever. Then, buy a stack or two of Yagudo Cherries or whatever. I'm not going to lie to you, here is a where either research or a little trial and error come in. Honestly, if you level from 1-5 on any job you should have a few odds and ends to sell and get yourself started. After all, your first thousand may be able to spin into enough to pay for your first twenty levels.

While I will say that 50-60% of the items sold by NPC are worth reselling, the rest are not. You will also want to sell them where they are used. For instance, not much use for logs or lumber in Windy. However, many wood craft items sell well In Sandoria. Look at where the guilds are, what people use the item you are selling for, and why they might buy from your AH rather than just go to the vendor themselves. Sometimes it's just simple laziness. A good hint, Regional vendors sell a lot of cooking items and they are often sold out on the AH. How I wish someone would sell me a stack of ogre pumpkins for 3k sometimes, lol!

Here is the Key hint for ALL Business! DIVERSIFY!

Don't just sell 7 stacks of Carnations because they sell fast and are very profitable. If you and five others compete, the price will drop until almost no value is left. However, putting up a more diverse selection on the AH, such as a stack of carnations, A stack of Yagudo Cherries, A stack of Saruta Oranges, a Stack of Million Corn, a Stack of Buburimu Grapes, a Stack of Fiery Apples and a stack of Bird Eggs, can allow you to sell very fast and not over compete in a single market. Remember: Supply and Demand drives the value of your item. Don't under cut to much and dont get into "market wars" with other players. ALSO, the items here are good examples, but try not to limit yourself to just those. The more diverse your choices to put on the AH, the more flexible your income will be when competition arrives.

Part 2 Mules: money makers if you got the extra buck!

Definition: Mule - a second Character on the same account which will be used for storage, Auction House and other level 1 purposes. Occasionally, these are leveled for travel purposes.

OK, so not everyone can have 9 mules like me. However, if you can afford even just one, it can give you options you would not have otherwise. The optimal set up has a mule in each city (including your home town) and one for Jeuno. However, I would say if you can only have one, Jeuno is the one to have.

1. Shop til you drop!
Shoping NPCs for those AH items above can be challenging to to new player. First, Walking to Sandoria from Windhurst is a BITCH! So how do you solve that? Have your mule be from a city other than your own! If possible, make a mule in each starter city including your's. Ask a high level friend to escort the mule from your home town to Jeuno. This gives you access to the main AH where people sell gear and other useful items. It gives you access to Jeuno's M&P market where you can buy the flowers for the various FLOWER GIRL QUESTS, Carnations and other items of interest. You can also occasionally, with good research and market knowledge, buy from the jeuno AH and resell on others.

2. Sell it like you stole it!
Each Mule gives you seven more AH slots than you had before. You can fill these slots every day or even more often if you are attentive. Lets say you have four mules and you main char. That is 35 AH slots. If you sell NPC items on each mule and make 200 gil average from each sale, you are pulling down 13000 gil a day. It's work, but a weeks worth of sales can carry you into next month at lower levels.

3. Horde it like the End Times are near!
Each mule offers inventory slots. Nuff said

4. Grow it like money grows on trees!
Money does grow on trees in Van'd! It comes in many forms but Gardening is a great income for those who need a little more than the 10-20k a week that NPC items can pull in. If your interested and have say 100k to burn, then check out the gardening guide and ask our LS leaders for some pointers!

5. Farm it, grow it, Make it, Sell it, and all the profit is yours!
Crafting isn't just for your main anymore! Having a mule at 100 Woodworking and yourself at 87 and above Goldsmithing means HQing your own Elemental Staffs. This idea applies to all crafts that have access to high level ingredients and work in tandem with another highlevel craft.

"Remember when I said dont let the oppertunity to save time, or make your time more qualative, pass by unexploited. That would be like standing when you should be resting." Duhkha on Gardening in FFXI

6. Level it for crystals! Level it for the Bazaar! Level it because you miss Dunes… Wait…WHAT?!


You can have one mule Bazaar while you sleep, work, clean up the kid's mess, or baby sit lil' sis! This is immensely profitable and can boost that income from NPC items and your farm items without robbing AH slots! If you level up a bit, you can sell food, armor and other items in places like Selbina and Qufim Island. I'll get into Bazaar later.

PART 3: Why does this Sell here?

1. Crafting Guilds: Use the items database at somepage to find out what sysnths your item is used in and for which Guild. The item will likely sell higher and faster in that city. If an item is used in multiple Guilds, then look at which sysnths are for which guild and how they sell on the Jeuno AH. This information can tell you which Guild has the most demand for your item.

Windhurst: Clothcraft, Bone Craft, Cooking, and Fishing
Bastock: Alchemy, Goldsmithing, Smithing
San'Doria: Woodworking, Leathercraft, Smithing

2. Parties: To say the least, this is harder to understand from the bottom looking up than for those at the top looking down. So here is a Hint: Check others, pay attention to the food they eat, take notes of the things people need such as Prism Powders and Silent Oils. You want to know what equipment people "forget to buy" in a given area for the various levels that might show up there. Do people farm in a given area…if so, what for? If it is a Wind Crystal desynth (for instance) you might offer those for sale in bazaar. Do mages start using Drinks such as Yagudo or Melon juice? Are People eating Mithkabobs? Simply putting a mule, or a main, with a bazaar full of consumables that people like to use in an area can make a ton of money and be much more profitable than the AH.

3. Location for Bazaar: Try being a little off on your own, but dont go to far from the beaten path.
Being in a crowd makes you less likely to get checked, but going to some obscure corner in Windhurst Waters won't work either. Find a spot that has good traffic and that seems logical that the traffic may be interested in your items. If you have Logs for sale, being near the Woodworking Guild, or near the Mog House Enterance people most often use when traveling to the guild should be good choices. Use the same logic on your Bazaar items! Be funny, sometimes a good laugh from a bazaar comment makes for a loyal customer.

4. Is it Big Ticket? Big Ticket items are 100k or more. These sell best on the AH in Jeuno/Whitegate or in Bazaar just outside Jeuno (avoids paying the tax.) Don't fear the crowd so much for these items. Many go outside jeuno shopping for that -1 item or the HQ Elemental Staffs. Don't be affraid to /Shout what you're selling if it is a high cost item. Just don't be annoying about it. A shout every ten seconds is annoying, every half hour certainly is not. Use common sense and find the sweet spot!

5. Remember your wallet! If you see something sells slow in windy for 100k, and, in Jeuno, it sells much more often, but for only 75k, you have a choice! If you have a lot of cash on hand, then drop it in Windy until you NEED the money. Then, ship it off to jeuno if it hasn't sold. In these price ranges, don't hesitate to let it fall off the AH and put it back up again. ALWAYS use time when it's on your side. It rarely is in FFXI.

Part 4: Farming 101

Know your drops!

Don't just run out and kill everything in sight. Plan ahead.

Think, "what areas can I reach easily and what Mobs can I find there?"

OR, "What items do I need and can I kill the mobs that drop it reasonably easy?"

EVEN, "Can I solo level on a Mob that drops something either valuable or useful?"

These questions can be answered by searching ffxicyclopedia for either the item, mob or area you are interested in.

A Few other helpful questions to reflect on!

a. What items drop from which mobs in the area I intend to farm/solo in?
b. Which mobs can I kill easily in that area or whom drop the item i need?
c. Can I craft with any items that may drop? (this concerns maximizing Inventory space)
- can I stack the item I can craft into product x? (Beehivechips)
- can I stack the product of an un-stackable item? (non-stackable Yagudo Necklass into stackable thread or ingots)
- If I can Stack my product, what crystal do I need to do a synth?
- do I need any other materials? (beehivechips into beeswax needs Distilled Water)
d. Do I need equipment piece X, or can i leave it in the mog house?
e. Can I Harvest or Mine in my target area?
- If I can, do I need Picks or Sickles?
- are the mining, harvesting or other Hobbies' items worth while to me?
f. Use the Seach function under your menu to see if the area is over populated. Going to Giddeus with 12 other 75 Red Mages there is plain foolish. It's likely you'll be trying to out farm at least one or two of them.
g. Can I kill any of the NMs that pop in the area? Will it be worth my effort?

REMEMBER: Try to limit the number of items you are Farming for. To many targets will make for a lower profit than a well focused goal. For instance, I like to go to Giddeus and farm Yag necklasses (for fame) OR Bee Hive Chips for profit, but not both unless I am synthing the necklasses into thread and cloth. I usually combine ONE of these items with a few Harvestable items (Cotton, Red Moko Grass). I toss other stuff out. If i go to kill the worms for Ore, I bring fire crystals to synth stackable ingots. I would never go for ORe, chips and necklasses…to many mobs and to big of an area to farm easily without a ton of running around! I usually don't Harvest when farming Ore b/c the harvest points are outside and worms pop inside the caves.

Once you have answered these questions, make sure your inventory is empty of anything but those items and equipment.


Now that you understand the base of gil making, it is time to see how this is applied to the over all game progression.

The first way I suggest in making gil is essentially to buy and sell from npc. As your game progresses, reselling becomes less and less important. However, I have yet to see the need for it completely end. I like to keep bazarring and filling AH Slots with these items especially when it is convinient. An empty AH slot is money lost. You can use this money, in combination with funds you will find leveling to keep up on your day to day costs. If you are prudent, you can even save up a reasonable amount over a little time. You can invest this money into Gardening. Gardening is actually key to my personal strategy. Gardening lets you do two things at the exact same time. Remember when I said dont let the oppertunity to save time, or make your time more qualative, pass by unexploited. That would be like standing when you should be resting. You can check your plants and party, craft, farm, or mule ah stuff. That is two profitable activites in the same moment. At the end of the month, when your Ore and PC items put 100k to 200k in your pocket you'll understand how beneficial and important Gardening is. If you have a mule, you can use this first big income from your pots set the mule up to farm too. For each mule you do this, you will get that much more work done. Think of it this way, I have 8 mules with pots for a total of eighty pots. Those produce 800k a month minimum. I have never got less than 1.3. I have seen 3 million gil in one month. All that for three minutes every couple of days… I kinda laugh when people say they can find the time. Eventually, you add level on top of level because your never to gimp to level gear wise. You always do a little better because you can afford food and that help your reputation. Faster leveling gets you into better farming areas, and the ability to do burning circles and camp better nms. Be efficient and the gil wont be your restrictive measure, it can be your advantage. Ultimately, time is our only real resource.

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